Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a specialized form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that was originally developed for suicidal individuals meeting criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder. DBT has expanded to treat a more general population of individuals whose behaviors are related to problems in emotion regulation. Extensive scientific research has demonstrated that DBT is a successful treatment for adolescents and adults who experience intense emotions and struggle to cope with them effectively.

DBT helps people to…


  • Mood Swings, Up and Down Emotions, & Problems with Anger
  • Impulsive, Avoidance, Self-Harming, & Suicidal Behavior
  • Interpersonal Chaos, Loneliness, & Fears of Abandonment
  • Sense of Emptiness, Inadequacy, & Not Knowing Where You Fit In
  • Difficulties Thinking Clearly & Feeling Disconnected
  • Mindlessness & Urges to Avoid the Present Moment
  • All-or-Nothing Thinking & Difficulties with Change
  • Family & Relationship Conflict


  • Emotion Regulation Skills
  • Distress Tolerance Skills
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
  • Mindfulness Skills
  • Middle Path Skills

Above all, DBT helps people to remove the barriers getting in the way of their goals and helps them to build a life worth living.

My DBT Approach

My DBT program is a comprehensive treatment that includes:

  • Individual Therapy (weekly)
  • Individual or Family Skills Training (weekly)
  • Phone Coaching (as needed)

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