DBT Skills Training Group

DBT Skills Training Groups are focused on helping DBT clients to develop the skills they need to help solve their problems and reach their goals. These coping skills are taught in 5 Skills Training modules:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Distress Tolerance
  3. Emotion Regulation
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness
  5. Middle Path (Adolescent and Family DBT)

DBT Interactive Support (DBT-IS)

DBT Interactive Support (DBT-IS) is an optional service for adult DBT clients that allows for an open discussion that is not limited to weekly skills instruction and homework review. DBT-IS allows DBT clients to safely participate in an interpersonal environment that provides understanding, non-judgmental feedback, and support from peers who are addressing similar challenges. DBT-IS groups are available to individuals currently in or graduated from DBT.

DBT Interactive Support (DBT-IS) for Family and Friends 

The Bio-Social Theory of Borderline Personality Disorder teaches us that the interaction between our biology AND the surrounding environment can result in the presentation of Borderline Personality Features. This transactional relationship exemplifies the vital role of family and friends in DBT. I offer a monthly group for the family and friends of individuals currently in or graduated from DBT. This group offers support, increased understanding, and new skills for the loved ones of DBT folks.


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